Marketing Strategies - 120 online marketing ideas gathered from the world's most renowned sellers

In this video you will find an impressive collection of over 100 online marketing ideas, broken down into 24 categories. We basically took the sales techniques applied by the world's most famous vendors and put them in a current context of online marketing. Most ideas can be applied today or tomorrow, just want this. I always liked to discover what works and what does not work. I've been selling for a long time, I've been a sales agent. The one to one interaction allowed me to grow very much. Then starting the Extreme Training business, sometimes I started out in projects basing only on the fact that I know better. Sometimes it went, sometimes it did not. But once we've raised the Extreme Training bracelet, Google positions, thousands of annual clients, we've begun to systematize what we're doing well and what better not to do. The entire Marketing Academy program is a tremendous program, in the sense that we have strongly coupled three things: study of the best marketing strategies in the world practical experience in marketing strategies for more than 10 years adaptation to the US environment. I'm not a marketing expert, I'm not one of them, I'm just a passionate man of results. I think anyone who can easily understand marketing now, can supervise it, implement it, especially now. Now there are mountains of marketing theories, marketing strategies, and complicated marketing formulas. In the past, things were doing somehow, and they were working. Now, thanks to technology, marketing has moved to another level. First, marketing can no longer be a closed book for you. It's an open book, and on any page you open you learn something valuable. In the past, you had to pay an expert with hundreds or even thousands of euros to tell you exactly what message would go on a commercial. Obviously, there was no guarantee that it would work. Now, not only does it cost you less, you can quickly find out the right answer for you 100% at a cost of $ 10 by simply testing two three variants. It's easy to do marketing today. But the fact that it is simple is accessible to everyone. However, this simplicity does not make things easy. Now the execution counts a lot, and the details matter more than ever. I chose to parallele the best sellers in the world because now the place of sales agents is taken by the sales or presentation pages. In online marketing, the presentation page is where the customer meets you. Even if sales agents have disappeared from many domains, all of their successful strategies have made their way into online marketing and you'll see exactly how and how much correspondence is. It is possible with this approach to better understand the fundamentals of online marketing and exactly how marketing strategies influence sales. We chose over 100 things or principles that they have done and still make top sellers and explained how these techniques can be applied and implemented in online marketing. In the past, marketing was well defined by sales, in the sense that marketing brought the customer to the "door of your store" and the sales team handles him to sell it, or simply the seller goes from door to door or from company to company and try to sell their products or services. The more marketing the customer brought, the more the sales team converted more customers. so we had good marketing strategies. This strategy still works in some areas, but in most areas things have changed. The major difference is that marketing generates sales directly, with the sales team playing an increasingly smaller role. There are services where sales teams retain their well-defined role, such as real estate, insurance, or stock markets. But here too, marketing plays a decisive role, especially online marketing. In many areas, you'll see that sales teams are confined to taking orders or providing information, the weight falling on marketing on the one hand and the custommer on the other. The control was largely taken over by marketing. Sales strategies have not disappeared, just or turned into marketing strategies and have been refined. The sales agents disappeared, but the landing page or the sale page appeared. I recommend you have something to write down and record everything you think you can apply next month to say. If you want, you can do a second category, to be considered. Maybe in the light of new information you can think about execution, in the sense that it does not count you ticked a certain point, ask how well you did it how well you could do it, or how many you could improve. Fortunately or unfortunately, just having a good product or exceptional service is not enough. That's how marketing automation came into being, what do I do? From the customer's first contact with you until this customer buys everything, he is put in a well defined, well-thought-out, tested and constantly improved process. Marketing with the flyer is not enough, sometimes it does not help anymore. Some techniques that I will present you will love a lot, maybe others, some will suit you more, others less. It is important to extract everything you think you need and apply in the coming period. It is not enough to know, it matters to put it into practice and it is important to have results. I will ask you to be open, to write down these mistakes, and obviously, in your case, some mistakes may matter more, others less. It is important to think well before deciding whether to apply to your case or not. You have over 100 ideas, you are proposing to gather at least 5 that you are going to focus on in the next period. Obviously, in the comments section you can leave your questions and, for more depth, I invite you to follow the Marketing Academy online course.

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What is Online Marketing and What are Its Advantages?



According to Techopedia, online marketing is a powerful set of tools and methodologies used to promote products or services over the Internet. Online marketing allows for a wider range of strategies and approaches to traditional marketing. More "in Romanian", doing online marketing means promoting your business over the internet. Why Online Marketing? It's enough to look at how you got here, right? 🙂 Whether we like it or not, the internet is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Studies say that 81% of us first informed online before buying anything from a physical store. Although the total volume of online sales is still much lower than that in physical stores, its growth is impressive.


Buyers today

Buyers today are more informed, have more options, are digitally enabled and have higher expectations of the value they are delivered. They use all of the channels that they have in hand to research, interact or trade.


online marketing

First of all, you need to know that online marketing has several names, such as: internet marketing, web marketing, Internet marketing, search engine marketing - a general confusion, because search engine marketing (SEM) refers only to search engine marketing. Online marketing is no different from classic marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing (at least for me) is selling, no matter what you sell (products, services, information, etc.).

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